In Days of Evil, your army can carry out various actions. The following provides a clear overview of the difference between the individual actions.


1. Raids
- Chance for serfs
- Chance for goods
- Chance for equipment
- Gold
- Duration can be set


2. Dungeons
- More gold as reward  
- Chance for better goods
- Higher chance for better items (important: these do not necessarily drop)
- Duration 12 hours


3. Bosses    
- Most gold reward
- Epic unit as reward for successful battle
- Duration 24 hours


4. Story quests
- Some story quests require you to conquer opponents or capture enemy buildings
- The selection "Story Quest" then also appears in the "Actions" menu
- Reward variable
- Duration variable  

5. Labyrinth
- Requires key, which consists of 3 fragments
- Fragments drop during raids, in dungeons and as a reward for boss fights
- Reward level points  
- The more you visit the labyrinth, the more points you'll receive.
- Duration 5 hours


For better clarity

  • Raids are important to acquire serfs
  • The tougher the dungeon, the greater the drop chance for high-quality equippable items
  • The raid is the only way to acquire serfs other than in the shop.
  • The chance to acquire serfs increases the longer you go on a raid (For example, an 8-hour raid is 8 times more likely to find a serf than a 1-hour raid).
  • The same applies to non-equippable items (1 hour = 10 ore; 8 hours = 80 ores)