Dailies are daily quests that offer players an ever-changing range of challenges to tackle. Only 1 Daily may be completed per calendar day.

Different Dailies:


The constant dripping ...
The distant continents of the western world are backwards when it comes to the economy, but they are nevertheless much more densely populated than yours.


Because they've withheld themselves from all of the wars of your continent to date and because the other royal houses have given them little attention, you should try to curry the favor of their king by gifting them goods from your world.

Appearance and Reality

You don't give a damn about statues or other buildings that make your fortress more pleasant for the lives of its inhabitants. However, because you rely on trade and numerous merchants from other cities visit your fortress, you can't afford to have word of the pathetic state of your fortress get around. This would bring scorn and ridicule to the halls of the finest houses, it's a good idea to sink some investment into it.


A necessary victim

You have nothing but scorn for the religious beliefs of your subordinates, since in your opinion not even the gods can prevent you from casting them down off their throne.


That said, until you reach that point you need the support of your lackeys and ensure that sufficient goods are on hand to sacrifice to the gods.


See and be seen

Prince Zenwin of Haldenfurth invites you to one of his infamous festivals.


He needs the gifts brought to him by his guests to keep his run-down estates afloat.You detest the idea of participating in such rubbish, yet you know that these festivals are precisely where alliances are forged, not to mention a good chance to hear court gossip.


So you consider it a wise sign of your respect to send some commodities to his estate.


Diversionary tactics

Two neighboring nobles are once again going to war against each other over a trifling matter. Because these ploys to gain attention occur with surprising frequency among the lower ranks of the nobles, you've pursued a tactic of always supporting one party with goods to ensure that the hostilities draw out interminably.


This not only reduces the army sizes for potential enemies, it also draws attention away from your own plans.