FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Can a mech be equipped with multiple parts of the same time?


Yes, this is possible. Two AK50s or three exoskeletons – any combination is conceivable.


How can I mount or replace parts on the mech?


Click on the window in which you want to install the new piece of gear and then select the piece of equipment you desire. Important: you cannot simply expand parts, you also need a new equipment piece in your inventory.


The weapon I researched isn't showing up on the mech!


You first have to research the new technology (weapon or equipment) so that you can commission it from your engineers. 


What happens when you expand a building? Does it produce more?


For many buildings, expanding that building unlocks new goods. The productivity of the building in and of itself doesn't increase. But you can always put more imps to work, which in turn produces more goods.


How many imps can I deploy for each stage of the building?


For the first stage it's 5, for the second 15 and for the third you can apply 30 imps.


How many buildings of a given type can I build?


Raw materials:

Well (max. 5), farm (max. 3), fisherman's hut (max. 5), woodcutter's hut (max. 5), mine (max. 5), quarry (max. 5), cattle yard (max. 3)


Distillery (max. 3), butchery (max. 3)


(all max. 3): tannery, foundry, woodworker's workshop, stonemason

Weaponsmiths and armorers:

max. 2


max. 1


What does it cost to expand a building?


Beyond wood, water and other goods, expansion also always costs gold and raw materials. The formula is quite simple:


Building costs for stage 1 = x gold and raw materials

Building costs for stage 2 = 10 * x gold and raw materials

Building costs for stage 3 = 25 * x gold and raw materials


Where can I sell my goods?




All players have the option of placing their goods on sale here for a price they choose. You can click on a given type of good and sort by price.


Troll market


The troll buys and sells specific goods here. He always buys and sells wood, stone, water and fish. Watch the marketplace, since you can sometimes earn more gold by selling here. Wood and water are always in strong demand!


Once you reach level 10, the troll also buys from a range of eight goods that rotate daily. You can earn a great deal of gold this way! Sometimes it takes a while until the good that you are producing is back in demand, but the profit margins, certain sale and absence of fees during buying and selling are major points in favor of the troll.




You can also negotiate contracts with other players. Simply contact them and ask them if they need more wood or whatever you've got in surplus. If you can negotiate a price, you'll then issue contracts.


There are separate sections in the forum for Offers (sell) and Requests (buy) – use these to determine who's looking to buy or sell. A commission is due for all type of sales, but the commission is reduced from 15 to 5% through contracts.


Travelling merchant


This is DoE's one-man commodity exchange. Fixed goods are sold all the time for prices that rise or fall daily. If you do business with the merchant, he'll require an amount of time to sell the merchandise in proportion to the volume of goods you give him.


It's a good way to sell off your excess production of things like dried fish or statues; it may take a while, though, so treat it as a savings account with a certain amount of interest.


How do I sell?


If you look in your inventory you'll find four symbols below each type of merchandise. The first is intended to place the good on the marketplace, the second is for contracts, the third for donations to the guild and the fourth for looking for that type of good on the marketplace.  


Do I have to pay fees?


All types of sales excepting the troll market involve a fee. For contracts the commission is cut from 15 to 5%. This commission is dropped for all types of sales for premier account holders.


How can I sort the goods and players on the marketplace?


The sorting function has two special features. The first click sorts the prices from lowest to highest. Click it again to go from highest to lowest. You can also sort the players from A-Z or Z-A to see if a player is offering multiple types of merchandise. This works both for individual types of goods as well as in the general overview.


To acquire gold as quickly as possible — a necessity to continue expanding your production and your army — you'll have to start by quarrying stone and selling it on the troll market. Buy imps and ramp up your stone excavation for even greater sales on the troll market.


Build all of your raw material buildings up to level 1 and set them to work, selling the surplus on the troll market. The benefit of the troll is that you get gold immediately and don't have to pay advance fees. For some goods you can earn a lot more profit on the marketplace:


For beginners in particular it can be thoroughly lucrative to offer wood and water to the more advanced players, since these raw materials are scarcer in the more advanced stages of the game and can collect far higher prices than the troll is willing to pay. Do remember to factor in the commission, though!


Ore is one of the rotating goods that the troll buys only at certain times, but the profit margin makes it highly lucrative. If you can afford to do so, you should produce it.


Why do I need serfs, and where do I get them?


You need serfs to expand your army. Serfs can only be seized during plundering raids, not in dungeons. This is not guaranteed for each raid, though. In some cases you can go 48 hours or longer without finding one.


Please note that serfs are not shown with an image like other plunder but rather are only mentioned in the text: "Sensing a strong presence, your army found a serf whose physical and mental characteristics could withstand a harrowing training regiment and make him into a plus for your army."


What are battles?


Beyond the actions "Raid," "Dungeon" and "Boss Fight" there's another option for deploying your army: arena battles. You can go toe-to-toe with other players and earn honor points and gold in the event of a victory.


What's the best way to approach a battle?


Once you manage the achievements "Audience Favorite II" or "Day Hard II" you can take a break from the fights, since at that point you can only earn *honor points* and nothing else. You have to fight 10 battles of 6 minutes apiece to slake you're army's ferocity.


When you're first getting started, this time should instead be used on raids or dungeons. There are benefits to entering into battles, though: there's no need to heal your army, and you receive some gold if you win.