To increase your power and wealth, in Days of Evil you have the option to band together into guilds with other players. The following describes the basic functions and actions that can be undertaken in a guild.



You and your allies can upgrade this guild headquarters to deliver certain benefits to your guild. This includes for example 4 skeletons that permanently join your army if you construct a crypt.


Demon shrine

Built a communal demon shrine that will bestow upon you unbelievable powers in the form of wicked creatures that you can unleash upon your enemies, drawing you a major step closer to your goal.


Guild army

Compose an army of your strongest units, capable of facing down mortal threats that would be too much for you alone. Each guild member can contribute up to 4 units to the guild army, including equipment. The units can be replaced as needed.



Your guild army can explore foreign worlds and dimensions to claim unique plunder. You can also obtain key goods (eternite stones, spherical dice, fire cyclone) needed to expand your base and build a demon shrine. Eternite stones, spherical dice and fire cyclones can only be found in portals.



Each guild naturally requires a guild leader. To ensure that he does not acquire too much power, up to 3 guild counselors can also be named. Each has the authority to upgrade the base and the demon shrine, to send the guild army through portals and to distribute goods from the guild inventory. They can also compose internal guild messages, accept new guild members or eject existing guild members.