Handicrafts buildings

The following provides an overview of the buildings that process raw materials into trading commodities and provide the smiths with important materials.


The tanner produces not only leather, an essential material to produce weapons, but also garments that can be sold to merchants to fill your war chest.

Costs: 3.250 Gold, 6.500 Wood, 12.500 Stone, 17.500 Water, 15 Copper, 15 Bronze


Maximum number of buildings: 3


small: Leather, Leather belt
middle: Leather, Leather belt, Leather helmet
large: Leather, Leather belt, Leather helmet, Leather vest


The ore delivered by mines is used in the foundry to process the copper, bronze, steel and cobalt that serves as the basis for producing powerful weapons and equipment.

Costs: 3.500 Gold, 2.200 Wood, 9.500 Stone, 15.000 Water, 10 Steel


Maximum number of buildings: 3


small: Copper, Bronze, Steel
middle: Copper, Bronze, Steel, Cobalt
large: Copper, Bronze, Steel, Cobalt

Woodworker's workshop

This is where bowls, jewelry and sculptures from wood are crafted for sale to merchants. These goods are also used as a base ingredient for magical products.

Costs: 3.200 Gold, 12.500 Wood, 10.000 Stone, 3.500 Water, 5 Steel, 7 Copper, 5 Bronze


Maximum number of buildings: 3


small: Schalen
middle: Bowl, Jewelry
large: Bowl, Jewelry, Sculpture


The stonemason processes stone from the quarry into statues, jugs and stone plaques. These are used to produce magical artifacts as well as for trade.

Costs: 3.000 Gold, 9.500 Wood, 9.500 Stone, 15.000 Water, 15 Steel


Maximum number of buildings: 3


small: Statue
middle: Statue, Jug
large: Statue, Jug, Stone plaque