To reinforce your army, you can acquire mighty units for gold or souls from the beastmaster. The beastmaster is suitable for gleaning the utmost from your army to be able to conquer even the toughest bosses and plunder the most dangerous dungeons.


Found in the game under: Trade -> Beastmaster



Elite merchant

You receive honor points for battles won in the arena. Once you clear a certain honor points threshold, certain objects are automatically unlocked for your units at the elite merchant. They can be purchased for gold or souls.

Found in the game under: Battle -> Elite merchant


Imp dealer


You can buy more imps from the imp dealer to keep your production facilities running without interruption. Imps are your laborers and staff the production sites that produce your merchandise and goods.


Found in the game under: Trade -> Imp dealer           


Travelling merchant

The travelling merchant lets you put a variety of different goods up for sale. He needs a bit of time to sell your goods, though. The time depends on how much merchandise you commission him to sell. That amount the travelling merchant requires to make a sale drops with each new level your achieve.


Found in the game under: Trade -> Travelling merchant


Troll market

Merchandise can also be bought or sold on the troll market. The troll market offers basic commodities such as water, stone, wood and fish as well as parts for your mech. You can also sell water, stone, wood and fish. An additional 4 types of merchandise can also be sold, although precisely which 4 changes every day. As the player levels 10, 15 and 20 are obtained in each case 4 other products that are in demand. These products vary daily.