Supplies buildings

The following provides an overview of the buildings, the potions and the foodstuffs.


The distillery delivers the liquid boost of beer, wine and hard alcohol to your army. The distillery also produces the fuel your mech needs to operate.

Costs: 2.750 Gold, 3.500 Wood, 4.500 Stone, 7.000 Water, 15 Steel, 25 Copper, 5 Bronze


Maximum number of buildings: 3


small: Beer, Wine, Schnaps, Hard liquor
middle: -
large: -


The butchery is used to produce various foodstuffs for your army. Without those supplies morale will sink among your forces until they are only partially battle-ready.

Costs: 2.650 Gold, 3.750 Wood, 3.800 Stone, 9.000 Water, 10 Steel, 10 Copper, 10 Bronze


Maximum number of buildings: 3


small: Fish, Crab cake
middle: Fish, Crab cake, Leg of beef 
large: Fish, Crab cake, Leg of beef, Stew