All non-epic units can be retrained. The maximum upgrade level is 3.

Unit: Description:

Protectors wield a powerful two-handed weapon that is practically part of their arm. The battle-tested warriors wear thick armor that makes them superior to most opponents.

Costs: 500 Gold

The preservers, originally of elfish origin, smite down their enemies with deadly precision. There are few beings anywhere who handle a bow better than they do.

Costs: 700 Gold

Their knowledge of magic makes alchemists into fell opponents on the battlefield. The healing herbs she uses during a battle frequently keep her alive much longer than many close-up fighters.

Costs: 900 Gold
Orc fighter

They are primitive and engage in ultra-violence with unbridled enthusiasm. Given that they live to fight, they're the kind of allies you ought rightly to have in your own ranks.

Costs: 1.150 Gold
Fairy Warrior

The warriors of the fairy folks stand out for their incomparable dexterity, which allows them both to avoid enemy attacks with superb skill and also launch their own rapid, precisely targeted attacks.

Costs: 1.350 Gold
Elite soldier

Recruited from the peoples of the east with a toughness of fiber found nowhere else, elite soldiers pose an almost insurmountable hurdle for their enemies. Trained in all known fighting styles, they are absolutely deadly.

Costs: 1.700 Gold

Originated in the untamed regions, the sandrunners are more than accustomed to difficult conditions. This talent is a major plus on the battlefield, where they hack apart their enemies mercilessly using two scythes.

Costs: 2.050 Gold

This crossbreed — half animal, half human — has almost no vulnerabilities. It plows tireless as a battering ram through the enemy ranks and causes immense damage.

Costs: 2.400 Gold

Hardened by a lifetime of relentless training, assassins are masters of deception. They stalk their unwitting victims from the shadows, striking with lethal blows.

Costs: 2.750 Gold

Specialised in the arcane magics, they can slow enemy units, summon down a massive ice storm or even freeze their opponents solid. Their goal is to keep the enemy at a distance.

Costs: 3.500 Gold

Tempered through numerous battles against terrifying monstrosities, the beasthunter is an unflappable unit that fears no opponent. Confident behind his strong armor, he uses his powerful sword to cut down any creature in his path.

Costs: 4.250 Gold
Dark elf

Their predilection for the occult and mastery of the dark arts has slowly driven the dark elves mad in recent centuries. While hardly imposing in stature, their absolute will for destruction has made them highly feared.

Costs: 5.000 Gold

Similar to the forest druid, the shapeshifter can harness the powers of nature. In this case, he has focused on the art of shifting form and can take on any number of animal shapes as the situation dictates.

Costs: 7.500 Gold

Once a gladiator agrees to join an army in exchange for freedom at some point in the future — thus escaping the perpetual cycle of life in the arena — he gladly enters into any fight that moves him closer to his goal.

Costs: 11.000 Gold

His armor, adorned with numerous trophies from legendary battles, is the sole weak spot on a dragonslayer. That's because he needs a bit of space to carry out his decimating attacks.

Costs: 14.800 Gold

As master of all key schools of magic, the battlemage specializes in annihilating his opponents through a variety of attacking magic. To protect his fragile body, he is also equipped with platemail.

Costs: 18.200 Gold

The commandant's commanding and undaunted style gives all other units extra courage and stamina. A cool head in possession of solid tactical experience is enough to turn the battle in his favor.

Costs: 22.500 Gold

The strongest warriors were selected to guard your person. They have been manipulated with the most wicked of magics to give them a merciless will to victory. It cost only the rest of their humanity.

Costs: 27.000 Gold

The necromancer is a master of summoning undead and demons as well as the casting of deathly magics to decimate rows of opponents.

Costs: 34.000 Gold

A shadowrunner's opponents have little chance of escaping with their lives. Shadowrunners combine a mastery of sword fighting with incredible dexterity to serve as one of the deadliest murderers on this planet.

Costs: 43.000 Gold
Forest druid

Forest druids revere the gods of nature. Their ability to transform into wolves makes them specialists in close combat.

Costs: 50.000 Gold

The mere sight of this creature, patched together from the pieces of a variety of other creatures, was so debilitating that illusionist magic was needed to give the Deathsman a human appearance. But the experiments were otherwise a success: a deviant death-dealing machine was born.

Costs: 60.000 Gold

Members of an ancient but base race, the Skythes joined your cause to enjoy bringing an end to the good. They are true masters of the bow. Even the Protectors bow their heads in humility when faced with the skill of the Skythe.

Costs: 76.000 Gold

A holy warrior who has descended into madness. The paladin has the strongest armor of all traditional units, making it a bulwark against the oncoming hordes.

Costs: 95.000 Gold
Magma Lord

Deep below the surface, where mortals would be burned up in an instant, the magma lord oversees his realm. These conditions have hardened this powerful warrior beyond the damaging reach of almost any weapon.

Costs: 125.000 Gold

Living in exile on this planet, the archangel leads a live of reclusion in the darkness. But you've used your lies to poison the mind of this deathly herald, bringing him under your subjugation and deploying him for your purposes.

Costs: 150.000 Gold