Welcome to Days of Evil!  

As already mentioned in the story, the player in Days of Evil faces the happy task of subjugating this new world to his evil whims and rising to the role of an all-powerful, invincible deity.  


You achieve this goal by harnessing together a powerful army from the strongest and most terrifying creatures found on this planet and using them to sweep your various enemies and competitors out of your path. Streamline your production to develop new technologies and then research and produce powerful weapons and artifacts.  


To attain a deified status you'll have to send your army to some sinister locations and cast down legendary creatures to claim the magical artifacts found there.  


The next steps will present the most important basic functions of Days of Evil.





The fortress is the hub of your future empire.


It contains not just key information about your level progress, interesting announcements and reports from allied players, but also an overview of the unfinished quests that are available to you.      


You'll also find the rankings here to understand where you stack up in terms of strength and power, as well as your collection of rare trophies that provide you with extra level points.





To obtain the favor of important persons, a key step to gaining influence, you should help them resolve their various problems.      


In many cases this is no more than helping out with a few minor deliveries of goods. Each quest that you successfully complete provide you both gold and crucial level points.






This section is all about the crown jewel of your fighting forces — your mech, which you brought with you from your home world to pursue a campaign of fear and terror on this planet.  


Equip your mech with devastating weapons and nasty add-ons to create an invincible fighting machine. Repairs and refueling of your mech can also be ordered here.





To get the most out of your army you'll need to outfit the individual units of your army with powerful weapons and equipment.  


The overview shows you both your normal units as well as your epic units that you have won to your cause through victories over their former masters.  


Give your army enough to eat to keep their morale up and heal it when it returns wounded from a battle.  


Serfs are the basic units that you can train into various unit types.





As the commander of a blood-thirsty army composed of the mech and your troops, you can issue orders that build up your wealth and power:


Send your hordes out to burn and plunder the surrounding lands. They'll seize anything they find that could have value for your empire.   


The new world is full of storied areas and places. Command your army to search them for treasures and mysterious artifacts of unimaginable value. But be careful — deadly threats lurk in these places.      


Powerful beings such as old gods, dragons and demons live in your realm. Banish them from this realm and claim their underlings for your own army as epic units. But be forewarned: these battles will test your army to the utmost!




Just as the Romans of your world held gladiator battles for their amusement, you can send your own units into the arena to face the creatures of other dark overlords.


If you win, you'll rise in the battle rankings and receive a victory prize as well.







To realize your plans to become the most powerful ruler of this planet you'll need a functional production basis.


Beyond foodstuffs and tradable commodities, your primary focus should be on the development of new technologies for your mech and the production of deadly weapons and powerful equipment for your army.


To commission a building to produce a given type of good, simply click on the relevant building and enter the volume of the desired commodity. Don't forget to assign imps, since they supply the building with raw materials.


Beyond the overview of your existing buildings, you also have the option to build new buildings or expand existing ones.





The inventory provides an overview of which raw materials, commodities, weapons and equipment you have in your possession.


There are a variety of symbols below the different types of goods. Clicking on the sack of gold puts the goods up for sale at the marketplace. The envelope symbol sends your goods to other players as part of a contract; the magnifying glass is used to see how much gold you could potentially earn for a given commodity by checking prices on the marketplace.





As the name suggests, this menu is used to buy or sell goods. The following options exist:


Players can place goods on the marketplace to sell them to other players. You too can sell goods you don't need as soon as you reach level 2. To offer a product for sale on the marketplace, click on the sack of gold next to that product in your inventory and then specify a volume and sales price.      


Travelling merchant  

You can commission the travelling merchant to offer your commodities for sale in other cities. Do remember that it takes time for the merchant to travel to the next city.      



To sell your goods to a specific player, send it to him through a contract. If he accepts the contract, and with it your merchandise, you'll then receive gold for it.      


Imp dealer  

Imps handle the menial labor in Days of Evil. The more imps you own, the quicker you can produce.





Research is dedicated to improving your army to be more deadly. There are two different main categories of research:  


You can research new mech types, primary weapons and add-ons for your mech here.      



In the Army category you can select between researching different types of units as well as increasing the attack and defensive power of your entire army by training them in new battle tactics.