Object of the game

You are an evil scientist stranded in a foreign world. You've captured a fortress by force, and your task now is to build a forbidding army that will expand your dominion piece by piece into an empire, ultimately establishing you as the deified ruler of this world. To master this goal you must mind the following things:

Beyond the production of weapons and equipment for your army and your mech, you should also produce artisanal goods and supplies to trade on the open market. Otherwise your war chest will quickly become empty.

Your mech, which you brought with you to this world from the future, has superior technology that makes it the strongest unit in your army. You possess the knowledge to improve on it as well, such as to upgrade it with stronger weapons.

The units of your army are the foundation of your fighting forces. Equip them with extra weapons and equipment produced by your craftsmen to make them even deadlier.

Send your forces (mech and army) off on various adventures to claim valuable treasure or to help you achieve your goals more quickly. You can dispatch them on a raid to plunder gold and goods, order them into perilous dungeons where they can discover powerful weapons or command them to fight dangerous opponents so that their underlings and prisoners come to your side.